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The Organized Mind Co offers at-home testing and training programs to integrate retained Primitive Reflexes. Our goal was to develop an at-home training solution for parents to be able to help their kids struggling with learning or behavior issues that was financially reasonable. We encountered so many families that needed help for their children but were quoted thousands of dollars that made it impossible for them to get the help for their children. Primitive Reflex Fix is a complete online training program that allows parents to test and integrate retained Primitive Reflexes at-home with our step-by-step programs.

The Organized Mind Co is a resource for parents to work with their kids at-home to help them overcome their struggles through simple movement and exercise programs. This program is not intended as training for therapists, specialist, or institutions, and does not claim to cure or prevent any condition. We encourage you to always consult your physician before starting any training or exercise program

We wish you the best success with your child.


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